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Our company, Specaero Inc, is a small wholesale distributor in the aerospace fastener industry. We have a PC based computer management system including a server and a local area network with 8 workstations. We are active daily on the Internet, accessing industry related websites as well as utilizing email accounts for most staff members. We use many of the standard Microsoft Office software products, and off the shelf accounting package, and a custom written program to administer sales, transaction history, document storage, and inventory maintenance for a 95,000 plus line item inventory, with over 500 active customers. Through the years we have used a fragmented approach to manage our systems, with limited knowledge in house and various outside consultants. A little over a year ago, we were introduced to Megabit Networks, who offered a complete service package to manage, all hardware components, internet/email service, daily off site backup for the entire system, and a guaranteed response time for any emergencies. In the last year we have tested all elements of their service, including, replacing our server with NO DOWN TIME, changing email providers with no lost service while achieving a huge reduction in spam etc, and handling a few emergencies well within their guaranteed response time. We are also now in the process of working with Megabit to help with fixes and enhancements to our custom inventory management software. Megabit has given us the confidence to put our IT issues in their hands and let us get on with running our business. It is a pleasure to work with their professional, friendly staff.

— Specareo - Ventura

I would like to give a business commendation to Megabit Networks. Without their willingness to help my team and direct them in the proper way to proceed, I know that G & H TecImology computer system would not be running as smoothly as it is, they have done two major migrations for us. Megabit and staff shows an extreme capability of handling any problem presented to them. Megabit Networks has proven over and over that they have the customer needs in mind and works to finish the projects given to them, as well as giving much appreciated guidance along the way. I highly commend Megabit Networks for their service. We highly value their advice and trust their judgments on various IT projects.

— G&H Technology. - Camarillo

Megabit Networks has replaced and serviced our equipment and account very professionally and cheerfully since being given the daunting task of keeping us up and running. It has meant a lot to us to have someone who is not only dependable but also understandable and extremely honest to work with. At the beginning of this year the Engineers at Megabit Networks assisted as in moving us from Windows 95 and 98 in a Nove11 environment to Windows 2003 environment. This was a smooth transition with little downtime, Megabit Networks has met all of our requirements quickly and efficiently. Having worked with a number of computer "specialists" over the years, I find that Megabit Networks and its staff exceed anyone else I have ever worked with. It is because of Megabit Networks excellent service that we continue to renegotiate our contract with them.

I would like to commend Megabit Networks for their professional and effective Information Technology Support for our company. Megabit Networks has now been the provider to Many Mansions and its main offices plus all ofthe apartment communities for the past five years. At all times the staff have been courteous, hard working, communicative in our needs and theirs and have gone out of their way to deal with emergency issues as fast as possible. The advantage of working with Megabit Networks has been that they have a number of staff that are trained specifically on our company system and this has meant that whereas in a company one person being out is a major issue, with Megabit networks there is never down time for very long as there is always someone available. In the last year we have also been able to collaborate with Megabit Networks to create and implement a Resident Services Management Software System called RSMAN, that not only enables us to track all of our participants and non participants for programs, but is also an amazing tool to support grant and foundation tracking needs enabling advanced funding for programs and other needs. This tool is an extensive benefit to all companies that need to assess their potential, advancement and needs. It is always a pleasure working with the company and knowing that our technology needs are always their main concern and how best to train us in what we can do to prevent further issues or concerns. I highly recommend this company and thank them for all they have done for us.

— Many Mansions - Thousand Oaks

Being a business owner in an industry in which customer service separates Cain Technology from our competitors, I understand the value of customer service oriented professionals. The reason for this letter is to point out the value Megabit Networks has added to my company's ability to succeed. The team are true professionals whom always meet and exceeded our needs and expectations . Throughout Cain Technology's corporate history (1972 to present) we have partnered with many business related support organizations. Because of Megabit Networks true care for my organization, I don't know of any organization I feel more comfortable with. Megabit Networks is considered part of our family here and I hope this family stays together indefinitely. He is truly a class act, I wish him and his organization the best of success and hope other companies such as mine will appreciate the true team player Megabit Networks is when given the chance.

— Cain Technology - Westlake Village